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I have been in the professional pet industry since 1987 and was there in the beginning when the first “quality” foods were thrust into the dog world. Then, such departure form the norm of grocery store pet foods was considered a marketing scam by many. “Dogs just did not need all of that stuff”, of so we were told. Well, 24 years later, nutritionally sound dog food is the norm and we are now in the age of supplementation. As with humans, we are discovering canine health benefits of fish oil. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and in the case of working dogs, this statement means everything.



I train working dogs for a living. I live and breathe dogs that fulfill a life saving role in our modern world. To me, cost is not the overriding factor; nutritional value is. I don’t hope for a benefit of the products I try, I demand it. In the case of Omega QD, I can honestly say that it is the first dog nutritional product that I have used in my entire K9 training history that had almost and instantaneous result! Where I saw it first was skin and coat, in a matter of four days. And, it has only gotten better since then.

I use Omega QD on all of our working dogs and our own pets as well. It is a product that I stake my reputation and name on.

Jeff Schettler
Georgia K9 National Training Center



Dr. Decker,
Jack did great at his last event. I really couldn't believe it, he seemed much better this event than last, I totally attest it to his new supplement! Sunday, he made Speed retrieve finals with an awesome run of 7.630 seconds (he's never been that fast before!) came in 6th place.... also made Junior finals placed 2nd with a 15'3" jump and made Junior Handler Finals (his first junior handler- it was a momentous occasion!) placed 4th with a 15'6" jump! He hasn't had a 15' jump in 2 years!!!!!! Usually Jack is done after a vertical competition (held on Saturday 4'6" to 5' again and came in 4th place), but Sunday he was back with a vengeance, he jumped over 12 times. Thank you for the awesome nutritional support!


Megan Underwood
Surgical Technical Assistant
Handler and Owner of Jack, competitive Dock Diving Athlete!

To whom it may concern: February 2011

I have been a strong advocate for the use of fatty acid supplements in pets for years. There is strong scientific evidence in human medicine describing the numerous benefits. The cardiologist put my father on them after his by-pass surgery years ago, and my father-in-law was on them while he was on dialysis for renal failure.

CocoIn my own practice, I've used them at anti-inflammatory doses of 180mg of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) per 10 pounds of pet for all sorts of diseases. Starting with allergies and skin issues, since my practice is in Georgia after all, but also any patient on heart medications, any dog or cat with renal disease, and any arthritic patients are placed on high doses of this supplement.

The trouble has been finding a reliable and trustworthy supplier. I used 3V caps for years, but after they were taken off the market along with all of the other DVM products, I began searching desperately for a substitute. The problem is that there is no regulation of these products. What I ended up doing was buying one of every type out there and trying them out on my own pets.

What I discovered was that there really wasn't anything decent available. I got by for about a year before I met up with Dr. Decker, who happens to be a former co-worker, at a conference we attended together, and she told me about this product she was working on. Since it dealt with a specific problem I was having, namely getting a decent EPA source, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

I am very happy to say that not only did the product perform admirably, but in some cases, it did even better than the free-form fatty acids I had been using previously.

My best test case was my Jack Russel I had adopted about two years ago. She had pretty severe allergies. I have her on a hypoallergenic diet, which has helped, but she still had rusty stains on her feet and axillary regions, and really no hair on her abdomen at all.

After about two month on Omega QD, I could no longer even see the skin on her belly. Really, how many normal Jack Russels have hairy stomachs? Not many, but mine does! The other noticeable difference: not a single area of staining anywhere – just stark white coat, even between her toes.

I tried switching her back to one of the other brands I had in stock still, and within a week, she was chewing vigorously at her poor toes. And to top it off, she sleeps with me at night, and this chewing went on for HOURS! She finally got kicked out of bed, but needless to say, we switched back quickly!

That sold me, of course, which also makes it easier to sell to clients. It's hard in general to sell fatty acids that we carry in our clinics to clients, many of whom are on fish oil themselves and figure they will just give some to their pet. My response to this is to explain that in recent studies, less than 20% of OTC nutritional supplements had in them what their labels claimed, and it wasn't just the cheaper ones.

So unless they have a company they know and trust, I always recommend they start with mine, and then once they see the benefits, they can try theirs and see if the benefits continue. The other thing I recommend to clients is that they get the right amount of EPA. Most fish oils do not break down the omegas into how many mgs of EPA are in each capsule, and I tell clients that if they can't be bothered to figure it out, it's because it's probably not that impressive!

I've continued to have great successes with Omega QD with every case we use it on, so I can say without reservation that this is the best Omega supplement I've ever tried, and in the past two years, I've tried LOTS!


Tonya Amiri, DVM
Steeplechase Veterinary Hospital
Cumming, GA

Dr. Decker,
I wanted to express my appreciation to you for creating such an amazing product. My “grand-dog” Zoe, a 7 year old Mini Schnauzer, is doing incredible on Omega QD. Zoe stayed with me for a week while her parents were out of town…at that point; Zoe had been taking Omega QD for only 5 days. Wow….I could not believe the difference! Her fur was simply beautiful, and her mobility and spunk is astounding. I know it must be unusual for a Grandmother to write a testimonial, but I truly have never seen anything produce a positive change in such a short amount of time. On top of all of this, Zoe is only taking half of the recommended dose, and still unbelievable results were produced. Thank you so much, our little “Diva” is back!
One final question….can you now created an Omega QD for Zoe’s grandmother…I want to feel like her!!!!

All My Best,
Karin Waters

First, just to let you know Roscoe's skin has improved so much that he looks like a different dog with the folliculitis. I didn't use the shampoo that much either. I truly think it is because of the omega qd!! I say this because he went through one container and hair is growing back in spots that he hasn't had hair on in years. I tried other Omega brands, but they didn't seem to do as much good. I was just looking him over the other day and said WOW! I think that one container for a 70# dog lasted me probably around 6-8 weeks. That is usually the time it takes to know if something is really working. I am so AMAZED!

Nikki Tharpe, RVT
Pet Care Associates, Flowery Branch, GA

July 9, 2010
Dr. Decker,
Parker Testimonial

Just wanted to let you know that the OmegaQD works! Vidalia has been on it for only a week and I can tell a difference in her coat. It is softer and shinier!

Brooke Bruns
Roswell, Georgia

ParkerI wanted to share my personal experience and detailed medical history to help share the benefits of this great supplement in supporting the immune system and overall health. Mr. Parker was found when he was 2 ½ weeks old. He had been abandoned and had no mother. When he was found he was thin, but otherwise normal. Being a veterinary technician, I was able to bottle feed him with kitten formula, and eventually weaned him to a veterinarian-recommended dry kitten food.

When Mr. Parker was three months old, he developed non-itchy rashes and hair loss around the base of both ears. He also developed severe dander and many crusty areas on his skin. The veterinarian did a skin scrape and looked at his skin cells and found nothing abnormal. A test for fungal infection was performed. That also found nothing abnormal.

Mr Parker was then given a two week course of Clavamox antibiotic, and an application of Revolution. But, his severe dander, crusty skin areas and hair loss continued. He was then given a Convenia antibiotic injection and several lime-sulphur dips. Still, nothing changed.



Following the suggestion of another veterinarian, I began using OmegaQD; ¼ teaspoon stirred into one teaspoon of canned kitten food every day. After 7 days, there was obvious decrease in skin redness. After 14 days, all skin rashes and crustiness was gone. Eight weeks after starting OmegaQD, Mr. Parker’s skin dander was resolving and his hair began growing back around the base of his ears. During this entire time, I made no other changes in his food or environment. With this nutritional support, he continues to look and feel great!

Marla Fiebelkorn, Veterinary Assistant
Browns Bridge Animal Hospital
Gainesville, GA